Friday, 27 September 2013

Autumn Drift

Lawn invaders

Autumn reds

Bramley crumble
It has been a fine summer and even September has been warm but today heralded autumn with a vengeance: the steady rain, low light, turning leaves, toadstools on the lawn, red creepers and apples ready for covering in crumble mix. The man came to service the boiler and questions are being asked about Christmas.

I have enjoyed the summer, exercising hard virtually everyday and going out on the hills more than in recent years. I feel well and have found time to read more books than ever before. I have relished being a grandparent and almost forgotten what it was to work 70 hours a week. But autumn brings not just short days but a sense of sadness about other things. Friends who are suffering from ill health or uncertain about their future as jobs disappear and pensions are inadequate,  an economy which is still stuttering and a world that is struggling with global warming as well as political and religious conflicts.

I read the paper and perused the BBC news as I do most mornings but could find no optimism to latch onto. The news is about foreign construction workers being treated like convicts in Qatar, Syria still at war with itself, the corporate sector lobbying for more government funds whilst shirking corporate responsibilities like tax and the absurd obsession with celebrity that dominates much of the media. Only the emergence of Iran seeking international inclusion at the United Nations offers some hope.

Meanwhile several people in recent days have spoken about their foreboding of the imminent autumn drift; they have only the steady drip of short dreary days in prospect to ride out the winter.

Autumn mists, acquaintances, apple crumbles, adventures in the mountains and active ageing will keep me happy.

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