Monday, 3 August 2015

50,000 hits

I was surprised today to see that the blog has now had 50,000 hits. Not bad for what was meant to be a personal log of events, travels, hill walks and people I have known together with the odd polemic. It remains an increasingly useful diary of what I have been up to and the photographs certainly give further prompts to the memory.

The hits have increased year on year in the five years since they were first recorded in June 2010. Although I started the blog in 2009, the first year was restricted to friends and family; it was only after walking the GR20 in June 2010 were they open to a wider audience. This also meant that I have had to be more careful about more personal postings.

Year           Average monthly hits     Cumulative no. of blog posts

2010-2011                  412                                 117
2011-2012                  539                                 195
2012-2013                  993                                 266
2013-2014                  994                                 328
2014-2015                1112                                 387

Most hits are from the UK but an ever increasing share are from elsewhere. The current position is:

UK                66%
USA             16%
Russia           6%
Germany       5%
France           4%

Canada, Ukraine, Turkey, Netherlands, Romania are all on 1%

The most popular blogs are in descending order are:

Top Forty Munros
Ronas Hill and Da Lang Ayre
West Highland Way: Kingshouse to Fort William
Bidean nam Bian

Many of the hill walking postings are slow burners but become widely read and they are well up the list along with the Shetland blogs. Visits to places like Sheffield, the Lake District and Cornwall together with activities in the immediate vicinity of home are surprisingly high. Three of the appreciations of former people who influenced me are high on the list as are half a dozen more political postings such as HS2 and Preston Bus Station also make the top forty hits.

But most of all it is a personal record of  events and as such will no doubt provide me with a source of enjoyment as the legs get weary and the memory begins to fade.

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