Saturday, 23 September 2017

Trossachs 10k

An early lead
Men's podium
Men's and Women's winners
Passing the baton
Twenty six years ago, having moved to the Trossachs and become a veteran runner (over 40), I managed to win the Trossachs 10k. It has been one of my few remaining claims on family running records as Gregor has broken most of my best times in the last two years. He had previously been third in the Trossachs 10k on two occasions but was fairly confident he could win it this year. He did so by a country mile from a good Spanish athlete in a time that easily broke my time over the hilly course. It was the occasion for finally passing the baton to the next generation with parental pride.

For the last few years I have cut back to running to three times a week at a time that suits me, first thing in the morning, and at a pace that is kind to my heart, lungs and legs. 

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