Friday, 27 December 2013

Boxing Day Recovery Run

Boxing Day pre breakfast bash on summit
I have been a less regular participant at the weekly meet of the local running group this year but managed the Boxing Day bash up Lime Craig before breakfast. Our resident Met Office weatherman, Colin, had advised of the best window for the run between the frequent festive storms which were generously laced with heavy rain and winds. He called it right and we were becalmed on the summit for what was my 180th ascent of the hill.

I had taken a flask of gluhwein and this was drunk more out of politeness than any desire or need to warm up, it was another of those feverishly warm wet days that have smothered us in December. Despite managing my best year of running since 1993, with 1300 miles clocked so far, I was slower than I hoped up the direct steep path, it may have been the flask of gluhwein, but then I am the old timer in the group. The women are still in their late thirties and the men mainly in their fifties. We took the longer scenic route down the zig zags which loosened me up for breakfast.

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