Sunday, 8 November 2015

Autumn come she will

Birch in Blue

This strange year that by passed summer has given us a rare autumn; drier than summer, warmer than summer and only now are the leaves turning. There have been no 'autumn winds blowing chilly and cold'. It has been perfect walking weather. I had planned several excursions in the far north that were originally intended for the summer that never was and now I have missed them again. I have been grounded by a back injury so that 3 or 4 mile walks have been the limit of my daily exercise over the past month.

The compensations have been chance to explore the local environment at my leisure instead of charging round on my morning runs. I have spoken to all those dog walkers and other locals to whom I normally give a cursory greeting. It has been therapeutic and at last after 4 weeks I seem to be making some progress, although there will be no running for a few weeks yet. An excellent physiotherapist, my daily walks, hot baths and lots of paracetamol have helped me cope with the mental and physical anguish and sleepless nights.

And now it is still 15°C in early November although Storm Abigail is due at the end of the week which should see the trees shredded of leaves and the floods return. Just in time for me to return to dreich, wet, windy, winter days on the hills

Lochan Spling
Duchray Bridge
Lime Craig
Invisible Statues
Fungi on trees
Duke's Pass with conifer plantations
From Creag Mor
Deciduous forest

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