Thursday, 12 May 2016


Thankfully the recent indiscretions of the PM and Culture Secretary have safeguarded the BBC from their desire to penalise and control its independence. Our worst fears were highlighted by the luvvies at the recent BAFTA television awards and they will no doubt claim some credit for the climb down. More important were opinion polls that showed massive support for the BBC and the respect the organisation has in the world.

Now maybe the beeb will get back to objective independent broadcasting. Their performance in recent months leading up to the charter review, including the recent election coverage, has been woeful. They could start by removing Laura Kuensberg who is a liability compared with her two predecessors: Andrew Marr and Nick Robinson. She is mediocre journalist compared to outstanding colleagues like Mishal Husain, Katya Adler and Lyse Doucet who have genuine knowledge that they impart without claiming insider knowledge of rumours.

Channel 4 news has become to go to news programme to avoid the aforesaid Laura and the tendency of too many BBC journalists to present both sides of an issue equally even when the evidence points clearly in one direction. Channel 4 news has journalists who know their stuff and are not afraid to express an opinion.

And hopefully Rupert and his gang of robbers can return to their cave.

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