Tuesday, 1 November 2016

November First Frost

In the forest
Condensation on the windows
A sphere of breath as I step outside
The crackle of frosted leaves
Wispy white clouds
Revealing the intense blue skies above
Still air, the sound of silence
Amplifies the cadence of running shoes
Through the forest, ears pricked for quiet sounds
Acorns falling onto the wooden bridge
Beech leaves rustling as they settle
A gaggle of geese going west
Tilted head to watch the buzzard patrol the sky
And the vapour trail of a transatlantic jet
Stepping aside for the calor gas lorry
And mums with buggies returning from school runs
Welcomed home by a robin
It perches next to me on the bench
Gloves, hat and shoes come off
Exercise over and breakfast pangs
First frost on first of November

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