Thursday, 21 December 2017

Winter Solstice

Warning skies
The past fortnight has given us the coldest spell for several years with temperatures down to -7°C on most nights. Over the past week a veneer of sheet ice has been welded onto the pavements and tracks. Running was out of the question until this morning and even then I had to walk a good mile or so as some trails in the forest were sheathed in lethal wet ice.

There have been some gloriously bright frosty winter days between the darkness that descends with an ominous gloom by 4pm. The garden trees have taken on new colours, almost festive with their frosted profiles etched in the cobalt skies. These days have encouraged walks in the immediate vicinity but I am struck by how few people seem to venture out to experience the raw beauty of the winter solstice. I understand why hibernation seems like a good idea, doubly so with the continuing political travails that exist at the global, national and local levels. 2017 will not be missed.

Lake Hotel for lunch
Loch Ard as the sun sinks
Creag Mhor
Ben Lomond
Frosted Silver Birch
Cotoneaster waiting for the redwings 

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