Friday, 28 February 2014

And Quietly Flows the Forth

Forth flowing in its bed
Aorora Borealis over Menteith Hills
After three months of persistent rain and a perpetually waterlogged flood plain, the River Forth was contained within its banks today. The sky was a watery blue this morning as it recuperated from last night's aurora borealis. The cold air was a relief after all those damp dark days that had confined us to winter wallowing.

And there were signs of plant life stirring with vibrant greens and yellows poking through the grey/brown carnage of winter hues. In the forest the trails were gilded by golden mossy pools and decorated by blobs of frogspawn. The Lemmahamish buzzard had found a partner and they were circling above the river Forth with no malice intended. I would have had a spring in my step as I jogged round had I not being nursing a sprained hamstring.

Spring ahoy
Willow warming
 A real skyline visible at last
Floods in retreat

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