Thursday, 20 February 2014

Flooding again, where's the PM?

Flood Plain does its job

Horses in retreat, visit from PM imminent?

A bund here would stop 95% of the flooding events
Flooding is a way of life in the village with at least three or four floods a year when the road is blocked, the sandbags are stacked up and the school gets closed. But not today, it is only a minor flood although it might be classified differently had it been in Oxfordshire or Surrey.

Every couple of years the river trespasses over the thresholds of the houses and hotel in the main street but not a penny of compensation or investment is forthcoming. The cost of a bit of bunding, where the field that hosts the flood (see above) spills onto the road, would be a lot cheaper than dredging a few metres of a Somerset dyke. Today the horses in the field had to hunker down on the last triangle of field above the waterline and next to the minister's house but still there was no visit from the PM.

Perhaps the PM thinks it is up to the First Minister but he would probably say: "No its no(t)"!

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