Monday, 30 June 2014

Coniston Days

Coniston views
Tova at Torver
Ride the White Swans
I am a swan
Clan gathering
Games over, time for ice creams
We are being treated kindly this year in the Lakes with four days of sunny warm weather so far. The collection of beers at the start of the week was impressive with 30 bottles of local beers from the north of England including favourites such as Timothy Taylors and Thwaites Wainwright Ale. We decided on a picnic at Coniston to see how Tova would cope with stony beaches. The beach near Torver was where we chartered a yacht for an unforgettable day when our children were all under seven by acting out Swallows and Amazons and reprising Bluebird's last run. We were buzzed by RAF jets flying at low level practice missions but managed to anchor near one of the islands for a lunchtime swim, hoist the spinnaker and return to the mooring.

Today was more sedate with a one year old grandchild and eight adults from two generations but all easily encouraged by the setting, the balls, frisbees and lunchtime prosecco to act like children. Apart from the children on the adjacent lakeside learning to canoe, we were on our own. The Lakes in early July have all the advantages of summer without the crowds.

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