Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway

Arriving at Ravenglass
Scafell from Dalegarth
Let me out
Watching Tova
Green and pleasant land
Ravenglass estuary
On the turntable
Irton Road station
My first ice cream cone,  a life shaping moment

The excuse for a visit to the Ravenglass and Eskdale miniature railway was our granddaughter but she would have been just as happy emptying the contents of the fridge. The other reason was the chance to drive over Wrynose and Hard Knott passes on a summer's day. It is reassuring to travel in cars that no longer need a brake bleed before attempting the 30ยบ incline of Hard Knott pass and an uncertainty whether they will overheat on the ascent. We arrived at Dalesgarth station just a few minutes before the first steam hauled train of the day departed and blagged our way onto the empty coach at the rear. 

Tova was nonplussed by the occasion and insisted on watching the scenery by leaning out of the carriage and pointing at the sheep and cows that had been pictures in books. Ravenglass was reached as the midday sun reached its zenith and after a walk along the estuary we retired for a pub lunch. There are still four steam locomotives in regular use but our journey back was by diesel. We treated ourselves to ice creams and after a sampler from the bottom of a cone, Tova grabbed her dad's and showed an indomitable spirit in refusing to have it taken away. It was one of those turning points in a child's life when they declare their sixth sense, independence.

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