Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The Rapscallion cabinet: two down, eight to go

I was asked by a friend who shares my despair with the present government which of the present cabinet I would like to see go. I got to ten without pausing for breath. I added Ian Duncan Smith as my bonus ball even though he was no longer in the cabinet after he had screwed up the introduction of Universal Credit. I excluded Mrs May but the fact that she had appointed the worst cabinet in my lifetime merely confirmed her as unsuitable for office. This together with her inability to answer any questions ever put to her in PM questions or by journalists. Her constant tendency to repeat a few ill chosen phrases such "to ensure that the UK" or "let me make it absolutely clear" usually results in the opposite outcome as she trundles out her vacuous repetitive riddles.

Back to her cabinet, the common characteristics amongst the ten true blue rapscallions are a mixture of arrogance, pompous manner, inability to analyse facts, doctrinaire views and incompetence. Their lack of ability or inclination to deliver fairness, sustainable or coherent policies, empathy for the "just about managing" together with their involvement with dubious corporate interests, the mega rich and alt right luminaries makes them a dangerous as well as deranged bunch.

They are in roughly descending order from beginning with the worst:

Liam Fox
Michael Gove
Priti Patel
Boris Johnson
Michael Fallon
Jeremy Hunt
Andrea Leadsom
Chris Grayling
Liz Truss
Brandon Lewis
with Duncan Smith as a bonus ball

I was pleased to see that two of them, Michael Fallon and Priti Patel have been vanquished this week, not for their inept performance as ministers, but inappropriate behaviour. Both of them have already made lamentable excuses for their eviction, which merely confirms their unsuitability for any public office.

As the Brexit debacle continues to rumble on, backwards ever backwards, the NHS continues to crumble and parliament is denied access to information by the leader of the House, Andrea Leadsom, the chances are that there will be more departures in the months ahead. Sadly the forces of common sense on the government benches like Sarah Woollaston, Heidi Allan, Dominic Grieve, Nicki Morgan and the indefatigable Anna Soubrey have been exiled by the whips and castigated by the pro Brexit media from ever holding office under this putrid government. What happens next is anyone's guess.

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